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Salvation Thought

 If Justification is the working of Christ, in our lives, to cleanse us of our sins, blotting them out and removing guilt, and declaring us righteous, then Sanctification is the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives as a guarantor; guaranteeing our salvation by working in us to sanctify us. So, for us as Christians, it is both Justification and Sanctification that is needed in our lives, as clearly taught by James and Peter. Justification once, when we are saved, and Sanctification by the works we do after we are justified. For why would it say, we are judged by our works, if works were not needed to secure our salvation? When each man is judged for his works, the Most Righteous Judge is looking at the fruit which you bear. If you bear no fruit then did not the Master say we will be cut off? For the bearing of fruit is works. But it is not the work of human hands. It is the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

 It is true that a person can just be saved through Justification alone. Was not the sinner, on the cross beside our Lord, saved in this way? But didn’t Christ also teach works? Give to the poor, help the downtrodden, and give all of yourself to Him. Is there not some human decision to accept? Is not the human acceptance a work? It is a work but it is the work of the Holy Spirit to whatever measure He is poured out in our lives. The Holy Spirit builds out faith. The Holy Spirit is the power for which we work. So are works needed? Yes, works are needed for the guarantee of salvation. Is Sanctification needed for Justification? Yes and No. My yes is yes because Sanctification points back to our Justification, saying you have been declared righteous so be righteous, just as the Holy Spirit points to Christ. I say no for Justification is all that is required for entrance in to the contract.

 Justification is for all of us to enter into Sanctification. Sanctification is the higher realization, through the Holy Spirit, of the things which God wants for our lives; that we are to be called out, purified, and to develop righteousness. The Church today needs Sanctification. We are so lost in the ways of the world that we once again need to learn what it is to be made righteous. We are called out of the world. From the very beginning of time the Church was selected for the task of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing those who are lost to His love.

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