Grace - Truth and Freedom Ministries (

Every ministry has some kind of goal that they want to attain.  Goals are great, they aid us in moving forward.  Grace is no exception to this rule. 
Our goal can be summed up in four simple steps.
1) Love God.
2) Live His Mission.
3) Love People.
4) Lead them to follow.
We encourage people to worship and obey God.  Serve, share, embrace, and invite people to Christ.  Equip and empower people to continue the cycle.  If you think about it, that's what Jesus did during His earthly ministry.
Status quo builds empires, we're only interested in building the Kingdom of  God, one soul at a time.
This website is dedicated to the promotion of religious truth and freedom.  Without truth, we will never be free.  I urge the reader to study the Word of God.  Find your freedom in Christ!  And after you have experienced the liberating truth, share Christ with your neighbor.  Remember, only Christ Jesus [the Word of God] can set you free!

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