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Room For The Holy Spirit

   There is no greater guide in all the world than the Holy Spirit.  No one can comfort the heart, and direct the mind like God’s Spirit.  Men have tried to organize the path of others, only to find themselves short of reaching the goal in their own lives.  No one will ever suffice, in the end we must confess; I am mere man in need of a Savior.

   We often glorify people who, for one reason or another, have helped us as we journey through this life (help is good and should be received with thanksgiving).  Sometimes, while seeking advice our focus can be diverted from the only true help, the Holy Spirit.  While we should appreciate the love and guidance offered from a brother or sister in Christ, we should never allow their advice to upstage the Holy Spirit.  We may prefer the counsel of one person to another, perhaps one author before another, but when all is said and done we must only depend upon the Holy Spirit.
   In matters of gifts given to the Body of Christ, one must keep in mind that the projector of the gift must not be worshipped.  Frequently attention is given to the possessor of the gift instead of the giver.  Allowing a pastor, teacher, prophet, or evangelist to become the object of admiration diverts attention from the Holy Spirit who issues gifts to the Body of Christ, the Church.  No man or woman should be esteemed above another.  Accolades should only be given to God, for He is the giver of all good things.  The Word of God tells us to worship the Creator, not the creation.  Every word that rolls off the tongue of man should be examined for accuracy.  Failure to question can open the door for the enemy to sow seeds of deception.  Any man or woman who is angered by examination has already fallen victim to the devils scheme.  The Kingdom of God is not about deceit, the Kingdom of God is truth and light. 

   How advanced the Church would be if we would return to our prayer closets and allow the indwelling Spirit of God to guide us throughout our journey.  Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit would not speak of Himself, but would glorify the Father and the Son.  How I long for the Church to find the Holy Spirit as their true help.  Before we read the Bible we should pray to our Father in heaven to cleanse our mind and purify our hearts. We should ask the Father to allow His Spirit to flow freely through our thoughts so as to absorb His direction for our life.  We are never instructed to pray to the Spirit, simply because He indwells us.  We are to address the Father in the name of His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.  Our desire should be that the indwelling Spirit of God would teach us the ways of the Father.  Before we read the words of any man or woman we should seek the guidance of the Father through His Spirit.  Directly relying upon the Holy Spirit to guide us, and not the words of man.  How I long for the Church to return to the old paths, when men prayed and asked God to guide them.  True enlightenment comes when we follow the Light of the world, not lesser lights.  True illumination occurs as we follow the Lamb, not man.

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